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Cinematic has arranged the animation bar in Stockholm since 2009. It's an event for everyone that works with animation, games, or VFX.


When we first started it was just a small gathering with a few people most of whom we knew. But over the years the event has grown. So much that we on several occasions had to change venue because the place became too small or hot and a couple of times we drank up all the beer in the bar.


We've also worked together with a couple of different people over the years. We've had Wacom come to visit, we had festival opening parties and movie nights, with short films, commercials, or just work in progress clips that people at the bar had made.

There have also been spin-off bars too in both Zagreb and Malmö. 

It's always a lot of fun, so don't feel shy. Come join us the next time! Everyone is welcome!

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