IGI's Adventure

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Client: Takeda  

Agency: Publicis LifeBrands

Production Company: Cinematic

Producer: Johan Sonestedt

Director: Veronica Wallenberg

Jamie's friends want to go swimming with him. But he can't come. To make his friends understand why Jamie takes his friends on an epic journey.


Directors statement about the film

Even though we created this last year, with the ongoing spread of Corona around the world, this topic is highly relevant. Not only for people with immunodeficiencies but to all of us. So we can begin to understand how the immune system works.

Many of us feel very limited in how we can move around because of COVID-19 but for people with PID it is everyday life.

PID or Primary immunodeficiencies are disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or doesn’t function very well. A lot of times kids with PID get bullied in school because the knowledge about the disease is quite low. This film is for all those kids, so they can show it to their friends and families.

These kids spend a lot of time in the hospital when getting their medicine. During that time they get a blue toy bear. We decided to take that bear and make it into a cool magical bear in our short film.

We also created a comic book about Jamie and IGI the bear, where the kids can read about how it all started, how Jamie got diagnosed with PID and the first time he meets IGI.