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Re-design of icons


A turning wheel during a transaction online is something we all have seen. The design might vary from site to site, but the general underlying idea is the same; something is moving, therefore is something in progress. We can’t see what is happening behind the curtain, but since the wheel is turning something is in motion. Both visually and literary. Understandable but maybe not a great shopping experience.

As a part of the Klarna promise: “smooth shopping” this dull moment needed some added finesse. An upgrade, in form of some cool animated loops.

The company turned to us to solve the technical animation limitations they encountered. Due to the high volume of transactions processed every second, even small animations can quickly add up and cause issues.

Our motion designer Veronica took control of the animation and also managed to shrink the outputs by 90% with some technical wizardry and JSON code.

Payment animation

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