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Re-design of icons


Smooth design

After completing some animations for Klarna, we were approached by their producer once more for another project.
They were curious to know if we also did the design. And even though it's not something we've promoted it is something we love to do and have done a lot of in the past. 

The brief said: “As part of our new style, we are looking to convert our existing icon sets from an outlined design to a colored one. Could you help us out?”


Klarna wanted a new angle on the color palette in regard to the iconography. 

Something that would fit with their new tagline “Smooth shopping” and their updated brand guidelines. 

The project expanded to include reworking images that couldn't be easily converted and introducing new iconography. The internal design team at Klarna would use these fairly large and detailed icons as the foundation of a smaller set of icons, 20x20px, called spot icons. The delivery package contained 88 icons in total.



Some examples of how the icons are being used in apps and on the website

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